Meydan Free Zone Company Formation | Meydan Company Set Up | Meydan Business Setup
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Meydan Free Zone Company Formation

Meydan Free Zone Company Formation – Meydan is an incorporated city situated in the centre of Dubai. The Meydan Free Zone offers ease in company formation and a prime location while operating organisations through high technology, the flexibility of business space and advanced communications.

Meydan provides global free zone trading status for firms establishing in Dubai, UAE. Meydan Free Zone businesses are part of a thriving economic community.


The type of company should be determined before establishing a firm within the Meydan Free zone. The following criteria are available in the Meydan Free Zone:


Sole Establishment (FZ)

  • Single shareholder
  • Complete ownership
  • Service or trade-oriented activity
  • Individual (person) or non-individual (firm)


Limited Liability Company (LLC-FZ)

  • Individuals (persons) or non-individuals (firms)
  • Service or trade-oriented activity
  • Multiple shareholders (over two people)


Representative or Branch office

  • A business that is set up outside of Meydan Free Zone can establish a Representative or Branch office if it is a legal entity of its parent company
  • Conducted business must be a service orientated activity
  • International branches can only trade if set up as a limited liability company or as a sole


Meydan FZ Licenses

The types of licenses available at the Meydan Free Zone are:

Professional – consultancy or service based activity

Commercial – investment or trading associated activity


Main types of Activities

  • Investment
  • Management
  • Consultancy


How to form a Meydan Free Zone company?

There are several steps required to form a Meydan FZ

  1. Submit necessary documents and application form
  2. Pay the processing fee
  3. Registration of Trade Name
  4. Preliminary approval and document verification (will take 1 – 2 weeks)
  5. Some business activities will require sanctions from various government bodies (g. RERA, DIMC and so on)

The application can be submitted through the website or by email.

An appointment will have to be made with the Meydan Free Zone for the company’s registration when the initial sanctions and all documents have been approved.

The registration process will require:

  1. Attested and signed Memorandum of Association (MoA), Article of Association (AoA), and leasing agreement by all investors
  2. Registration fee payment